Review of Respark Your Romance

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I recently had a chance to get both the women’s and men’s version of the new Respark The Romance relationship advice book that is brand new on the market. romancekiss Remember those first few months when you and your spouse first met and you couldn’t keep your mind (and eyes!) off of them.  And you definitely could not keep your hands to yourself either!  Those first few months of butterflies every time your saw them.  Getting excited and giddy every time they called you or came over to visit.  Showing them off to your jealous friends.  Those feelings slowly faded away as the years together went by.  It is not that you don’t love each other – you just WANT THAT SPARK BACK like it was in the beginning!

Now, before I get into the review itself, you really should head on over and take a look at these awesome free videos – there are two – one for the women’s point of view and another for the man’s point of view. This is what I liked the most about this because it is more specific to me as a man than a regular book that is more geared toward both genders. So take a look at these videos – just click the one that suits you!


Women, Click Here!


Men, Click Here!

Now how was that? Very exciting! Now, of course, I had kind of a special and rare opportunity to review BOTH versions (women and men) and have to say that I learned a lot in both of them and not just the one that was created for me! I like to think that I “know it all” and have “been around the bush” a few times when it comes to love but let me say that I was quite amazed with what I didn’t know and what will definitely help me with my love like with my wife in the future. Out of respect to the author, I cannot go into a lot of details but I will give you some points that are given inside:

  • The one and only SECRET to turning on your spouse – EVERYTIME and FOREVER!
  • Bring back all the romance and intimacy that was once there during at awesome beginning of the relationship.
  • An awesome TRICK to make your spouse want you even more!

What did I learn? Well, if you haven’t watched the FREE VIDEO yet that I suggested above – do it now! Women click here and men click here.

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